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by Jennifer St. Giles
RT Rating: **** (Four Star)
Publisher: POCKET
Published: April 2009

In the first of back-to-back Shadow- men releases, St. Giles unleashes hell. With each successive chapter in this pulse-pounding series, the stakes increase. The lead protagonists have been snapping at each other since they met, and the author skillfully builds on that tension to up the sexual ante. St. Giles is on a roll!

Summary: Although the Shadowmen and their human and non-human allies have won a major battle against the evil demons and vampires, they haven't won the war, and they're now under siege.

After losing her husband to the creeping evil caused by a vampire bite, clairvoyant Emerald Linton has kept her true heritage a secret. Emerald and Sheriff Sam Sheridan have butted heads since meeting, yet the attraction between them has also grown. But Sam was bitten by a vampire, and Emerald fears she'll lose him to insidious evil. Then the apocalyptic menace of Cinatas and his dark forces arrive. (POCKET, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99) HOT

—Jill M. Smith

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Jennifer St. Giles

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A bloody good time!

Find out about these hot models below!!! They are for the Kiss of Darkness Trailer

BUT First, You need to check out this hot book that is out now!
A DROP OF RED, Vampire Babylon, Book Four, by Chris Marie Green
A bloody good time…
Hollywood stuntwoman-turned-vampire hunter Dawn Madison is tired to the bone and beyond. Along with her comrades-in-arms, she managed to wipe out the Los Angeles Vampire Underground. And in doing so, she uncovered not only her own dark family heritage but also a terrible truth about the man she loves. Now all she wants to do is get to the next bloodsucking community, taking care of business with them, too.
Luckily, when it comes to battling the undead, there’s no shortage of Undergrounds.
When a new one is found in England, Dawn and the team are dispatched to carry the fight from the flash of Los Angeles to the seemingly staid and stolid streets of London. Dawn knows by now how deceiving appearances can be—and she is about to find out that it’s not only the beautiful people of Hollywood who are willing to bargain with evil…
About Chris Marie Green
A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Milwaukee, WI, St. Luke's Hospital), Chris Marie Green (also writing as Crystal Green) joined the world. While moving to Southern California, then Kentucky, then back to California and now Nevada, she amused herself by writing poetry and short stories featuring the ultimate Alpha males--Superman and Indiana Jones. Later, after graduating with a B.A. in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Chris decided to become a professional writer.
While she pursued this goal, Chris worked as an eighth-grade teacher, but resigned in 2002 to pursue writing full time. She creates urban fantasies for her Vampire Babylon series, action-adventure stories, and romances. She also loves to read, overanalyze movies, practice yoga , and travel, and details her obsessions on her Web pages, and
About Vampire Babylon
The first book, NIGHT RISING, was released as a trade paperback by Ace in February, 2007, and reissued in mass market format on January 27, 2009. The second trade book, MIDNIGHT REIGN, hit shelves in February, 2008, and will also be reissued in mass market format in July, 2009. The third book that closes out this initial trilogy, BREAK OF DAWN, came out in trade format September, 2008 (mass market reissue date pending). Ace is reissuing each book in the first trilogy to introduce the second trilogy (books four through six, which will be released in trade format).
The Vampire Babylon series uses trilogy arcs to tell one basic story, much like the way JK Rowling used seven books that didn’t solve every plot thread book-by-book to tell Harry Potter’s story. While each individual novel focuses on a central mystery that’s solved by the end, the three books together build character and mythology arcs/mysteries until everything culminates in the third book. Each trilogy repeats this pattern.
Release dates for the second trilogy, which continues the adventures of Dawn and team, are as follows:
A DROP OF RED, Book Four, March, 2009
THE PATH OF RAZORS, Book Five, August 2009
DEEP IN THE WOODS, Book Six, date pending

Then you need to read the prologue for KISS OF DARKNESS!!
Above I gave you a peek at the models that will be making the book trailer for Kiss of Darkness and the prologue! Just to give you more of a taste of the heroine, Emerald's battle to keep her and her daughter safe. Angel blood is craved by the damned. This scene occurs before Emerald meet's the hero Sam, but after reading it, you can clearly see why Emerald's life and heart are threatened when Sam is bitten by a Vladarian Vampire.
Six Years Ago
Wiltshire, England

“Meggie, wake up, poppet. We have to be goin’ to a safe place, now,” Emerald whispered to her daughter as she brushed back the soft curls from her face. All snuggled into her Magical Realms comforter she looked like a sleeping sprite on a fluffy blue cloud surrounded by unicorns and fairies dancing on rainbows. Megan’s room was a treasure-land of everything “magical” she could find, as if she already knew she was part angel.
Blinking several times, Megan opened her eyes. They were more solemn than any five-year old girl’s should ever have to be. She pulled her Booboo Bunny close and rubbed her cheek against the pink fur. “Da comin’, too?”
She’d heard the argument tonight. Emerald sighed and bit her lip, fighting the burning sting in her eyes. She thought she’d cried all the tears she possibly could. “No. Da canna. Da’s not well, poppet,” she said, shaking her head.
Tears filled Megan’s eyes, making them bright green pools of pain that tore Emerald’s heart even more. “For-eber?” Megan asked, her breath catching on the word.
“Forever is a very long time,” Emerald said softly. There’d been so many things that she thought would be forever. Eric’s love for her. Her love for him. She didn’t believe in forever any more. “Maybe not.”
Megan nodded and didn’t say anything as Emerald helped her dress in warm clothes, but as they left her room, she trembled. The big teardrops sliding silently down her daughter’s cheeks sent another surge of anger through Emerald. Damn Eric. Damn herself and the bloody evil that was stealing everything away from them.
She hadn’t forced Eric to accept her help and now it was too late. Her terrifying vision along with tonight’s argument had solidified her fear. She might not have been able to read Eric’s thoughts, but the evil hunger for blood—her blood—was boiling inside him.
She and Megan were no longer safe.
Her husband was no longer human and she had no more illusions.
Eric’s soul now belonged to Michael Wellbourne. He’d left several hours ago and wouldn’t be back until dawn, until the last moments of Samhain and the wicked celebration at the Devil’s Mound had gyrated to an end. Since then, Emerald had packed the car with everything she and Megan needed to go into hiding and now it was time to leave. Yet there was so much of her in their little cottage—a photo here, a labored embroidery there, a gift rich in memories on the shelf that she didn’t dust often enough. She felt as if she were ripping herself apart as she walked out the front door.
She tightened her hold on Megan’s hand and pulled the “magic” comforter closer. As long as miracles and magic existed in the world, there was hope. This wasn’t the end. Somehow, someway, she’d fine a way to save Eric yet. She had to. For her sake as well as for Megan’s.
Her daughter walked bravely, clutching her bunny and her favorite bedtime book, Precious Princesses. Eric had bought it for Megan’s fourth birthday. Emerald swallowed the lump of emotion clogging her throat. Eric had called Megan Precious Princess from the moment she was born. So much so that when Megan was little and Emerald had told her daughter she was being a naughty girl because she kept standing on the seat of the shopping cart, Megan wrapped her arms around Emerald’s neck, gave her a huge smile, and said very adamantly, “I not naughty. I precious princess.”
So many memories. So many lost dreams. Her house stood on a hill overlooking the fog-ridden Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge, and highway A303, the fastest route to London. From that city she could disappear to anywhere in the world.
Sucking in deep breaths of the chill air, she opened the car door and helped Megan in, but her hands shook so badly that her daughter ended up buckling herself into her car seat.
Doona think about it now. You canna, Emerald told herself as she got into the driver’s seat and backed way from everything she believed her life to be. Her vision blurred as she pulled out onto the road.
“Wait,” Megan cried and Emerald hit the brakes, blinking away her tears before she turned to look at her daughter. Megan held out her pink bunny. “Da might need Booboo Bunny.” Her tiny mouth quivered, but she held her shoulders stiff and kept her eyes fierce.
Dear God. Emerald fisted her hand around the steering wheel and prayed for strength. Megan didn’t know Eric wasn’t human any more. Even Eric himself didn’t know. But Emerald knew, had known even before her horrifying vision. She’d sensed the final shreds of the man she loved being torn away this past week and she’d been unable to save him.
According to Angel Lore it might have been possible to stop it all a month ago, at the very beginning when Eric had first been bitten by Michael Wellbourne, a Vladarian Vampire and had yet to be controlled by the poison in his soul. But Eric wouldn’t listen. Wouldn’t let her try and help him fight the evil with her powers. He’d been too proud to begin with. Then he’d claimed the power burning inside him made him stronger, better equipped to fight the monsters of the damned. To his credit, he’d eliminated a record number of vampires in a short time, but that had suddenly changed last week. And all of his insistences that he could handle the situation, all of his denials over how strong the evil had become inside him were lies. Eric the Vengeful, the world’s foremost Vampire Slayer was now what he’d once hated and killed. Was now reveling with the enemy and embracing the damned.
He was still Megan’s father.
Looking heavenward, Emerald thought about backing up to the house so Megan could leave her bunny for Eric. But when she saw a black wedge-shaped shadow crossing in front of the full blood-orange moon, she froze, terror gripping her. It was exactly what she’d seen in her vision, an army of huge bat-like creatures crossing in front of the moon before they attacked her and Megan. She shuddered hard, trying to force from her mind the images of her and her daughter being tortured and murdered.
It wasn’t real, she thought, shaking her head. It wasn’t about to happen now, was it? In her vision she and Megan had been attacked while sleeping in their beds. Yet as she blinked and looked again, there was no mistaking the army of the damned. The dark, evil creatures were coming in their direction fast.
She shoved the gas pedal to the floor, racing down the winding road into the valley and the highway leading to London. Once the creatures discovered their prey had left, they’d come looking. She had no doubt. Their evil hunger in her vision had been unmatched by anything she’d ever known, not even the demons from hell that she used to regularly fight had been as bad.
“Wait!” Megan cried out. “Go back.”
“We canna, Meggie. We’ll have to send Da the bunny later.”
“A present? We can send Booboo Bunny to Da as a present?” Megan asked, sounding completely taken with the idea.
“Yes, poppet. Yes, we will.”
“But why not now?
“There are bad creatures coming.”
“Are they very bad creatures?”
Emerald hurled into the darkness, heart pounding and stomach wrenching. She wasn’t going to make it to London where she could hide in the mass of humanity. And she couldn’t fight an entire army of evil creatures alone, not without drawing power from another source. Her powers were rusty, too. She’d barely used them since becoming pregnant with Megan. Motherhood had taken precedence. No demon fighting. No power tapping. Nothing more than an occasional misty vision until last night’s terror filled dream. The thought that their lives would now rest on her powers made her ill.
Sanctuary. She’d had to find a sanctuary instead. A place sanctified and blessed where the damned wouldn’t be able to reach her. The church in Amesbury? Could she make it? It was two miles away and she’d need time to break into the church, too. Turning onto the highway, she glanced back toward home.
The top of the hill had become a huge bonfire. Hellish flames were devouring her home, shooting high into the night as they consumed everything.
“Dear God!” she cried, running off the road in her shock. She pulled right, barely avoiding a crash as horror and panic gripped her. How had the creatures moved so fast? How had they caused such a devastating fire so quickly? It was as if they’d opened the earth and unleashed an inferno from hell.
Where were the creatures? She looked about. Frantic.
Sensing the grave danger, Megan cried for her and unbuckled herself. She came over the seat and grabbed Emerald’s arm.
“Meggie. Oh, God, Meggie. Get Buckled now!” Emerald drove with one hand and buckled Megan in the seat next to her with the other. She was petrified for her daughter.
“Mommy! Hold me.”
“I am in my heart, poppet. Can you feel my angel wings?” she asked, projecting magical comfort and protection over her daughter.
“Yes. And Nana’s from heaven, too.”
Emerald prayed it was true, that her mother’s angel wings were over her and Megan. She kept searching behind her, but couldn’t see the creatures, yet she could feel their evil pressing in on her. The night suddenly turned darker. Dear God…that black cloud rolling her way…moving faster than the wind…it couldn’t be. As she watched, two creatures, both larger than the rest, rushed ahead of the pack, moving at hyper-speed toward her.
She pumped the gas pedal, trying to go faster, but it was all the way to the floor. It wasn’t going to be enough.
The Stones, Em.
Her mother’s voice. She hadn’t heard the angelic sound in so long that she almost missed the soft tinkling. What stones? Did she mean Stonehenge? The Druid’s stones were just ahead, little more than a hundred meters off the roadway. But that would be suicide. She and Megan would be alone…with the creatures with no help.
Go, Em. Go to the Stones.
Suddenly a hellacious screech tore through the night. Two thumps sounded on the roof of her car sounded. Then something pounded on the metal above. The roof dented more and more, caving inward until a black claw punched through. It sliced into Megan’s car seat.
Deafening screams filled the car. Hers. Megan’s. The creatures’. Emerald didn’t know. Everything all ran together in a blur. She and Megan were going to die. Horribly.
The heavy creatures shifted on the roof. Then a black face appeared in the windshield. Looking down into the car from above, he smiled, fangs dripping with blood. She knew its eyes. Eric. Another face appeared. Michael Wellbourne’s eyes.
Oh God!
Emerald wrenched the wheel and careened off A303 toward the ancient stones. The car bounced hard, jostling Megan forward toward the dash. Megan’s scream was suddenly cut off.
Crying, Emerald grabbed for her daughter, caught her shirt and pulled her back.
“Meggie! Meggie! Talk to mommy, Meggie.”
Megan didn’t answer, but fell slack into the seat. What happened? She hadn’t hit anything?
“Meggie! Oh, God, please.” Emerald didn’t stop the car but plowed forward across the rutted field and through the ghostly fog toward Stonehenge’s monoliths.
The creatures moved to the hood. Facing her, one clung to the windshield, blocking out everything. Huge and black with wings, it stared at her with Eric’s eyes. No. Not Eric’s anymore. Eric’s gaze had never held the vitriolic malice glowing from this creature.
Everything became cold. Her heart, her soul, her skin. Even her breath frosted in the air. She became so cold that she couldn’t move, couldn’t steer or brake or look away from death. Grinning, the creature smashed in the windshield. Tiny cubes of cutting glass blasted everywhere, stinging her face and arms, welling up blood. The creature’s icy, evil hunger pierced her soul, wanting to master her, rule her, and devour her.
It reached for her throat, fangs ready.

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Shift-appeal, Sex-appeal! Why do we love hunky beasts?

The idea of being more than mere mortal has been with man since the beginning of recorded history. Our fascination with the paranormal has its seeds in the ancient tales of gods and goddesses and superbeings and is woven again and again into the fabric of our culture through story. So what draws man to the idea of being more? Sometimes I think part of the allure is an excuse to give reason to evil behavioror an excuse to give free reign to all aspects of a base nature. Because, after all, it isn't the man killing, it is the beast within the man doing the dirty deed. No one likes to think or admit that man can and is capable of such atrocities. And is the beast is driving the needs beyond a man's control, then the man is blameless for the deeds. But mostly, and especially in paranormal romance, I think the draw to being more than our mortal-selves stems from the desire to transcend our own skin and fallible nature in order to accomplish a goal greater than our humanity will permit.

Enter our shapeshifting hunky heroes with unforgettable sex-appeal.

A being that is part beast must have more strength of body and more heroic determination in his soul to overcome not only human nature, but also animal nature to battle evil and attain love. And how much more gentleness is required for so great a being to so loving a partner? The shapeshifting hero makes the perfect tortured soul to grip a reader's heart and take that reader on a journey into the realm of miracles and change. He gives hope that no matter how bad things seem, that no matter how dire circumstances are, evil will be defeated and good things will come.

At least, I find those elements at the heart of all of my Shadowmen Shapeshifter stories and most of the other paranormal romances I read. When you boil away all of those entertaining and enjoyable aspects of romance what is left of the story, but the universal quest to see good triumph over evil, to see love bring salvation and fill all hearts to overflowing, to know that no matter what may come everything will eventually be good. I invite you to check out my Shadowmen, shapeshifting warriors from the spirit world who battle against the darkness in the world and within their own beings. Touch a Dark Wolf and Lure of the Wolf are on the shelves. So check them out and be ready for the next to explosive books in the series ---Kiss of Darkness coming March 31, and Bride of the Wolf out April 28th. And tell all of your friends to make a shapeshifter sensation in the publishing market be reading and demanding more stories about hunky beasts!!

What about you readers and writers out there when you boil things down to the nitty-gritty, why do you love shape-shifting, sexy, beasts?

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REVIEWER TOP PICK!!!! NightOwl Romance!

“You must read this series.”

Title: Kiss of Darkness
Author: Jennifer St. Giles
Genre: Paranormal
Hearts: 5 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick
Reviewer: Robin
Date: 1/29/2009

Six years ago Emerald left England in the dead of night with her daughter, after seeing a vision of their deaths at the hands of her husband. Now after another vision Emerald is living in Twilight Tennessee. There is a battle going on between good and evil and a battle will be fought in Twilight. It's down to a group of shadowmen, their human mates, and their friends. Sam Sheridan is the sheriff of Twilight and also in love with Emerald even though he does not believe in her "woo-woo" stuff. Now Sam and Emerald are not only in a fight to save the town but also to save Sam's soul. During a rescue mission a vampire bit Sam. Now he is fighting the growing darkness that is trying to take over his soul. Sam is fighting it, but the longer he is around Emerald, the more her blood calls to him. Emerald has angle blood running though her veins, and that is something the vampires want very much. With the battle coming down to the wire, Sam and Emerald cannot keep their feelings about each other under control. If they can live though the upcoming battle can Emerald save Sam's soul from the darkness?

This it the third book in Ms. St. Giles Shadowmen series. In my opinion this series is one of the best. It is definite a keeper. The struggle between good and evil is told in a way that holds your attention. I, for one, cannot wait for the next installment of this entertaining series. You must read this series. It is great.

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Kiss of Darkness Excerpt

The battle between the Shadowmen and the Vladarian Vampires is reaching critical mass. Emerald and Sam are caught in the middle of that with a battle of their own. Sam is damned by a vampire bite and Emerald is part angel. If she can't save him, she'll have to kill him.

Something was wrong in Twilight.

Sam had the limo’s license plate imprinted in his brain, which meant he could track down the bastards without having to chase them down. Good thing. He’d probably be as lethal behind a wheel as he was with the gun at the moment.

Dozens of questions about what Emerald had just done and what had just happened screamed through his mind, but he didn’t trust himself to speak to her, yet. Not until he had a firm handle on his temper, which meant the FBI--or Myra if she was lying--would get the brunt of his rage. Nice.

“Sam,” Emerald said. “I’m sorry. I didna mean to—”

“Later, Em. I can’t think yet,” he told her, still gulping in deep breaths of air.

“Come on,” she said softly, taking his hand. She led him up the steps of the station and into the shadowed recesses of the entrance. For once she kept quiet, as if she really understood how tenuous his hold was. Even the tinkling of her bracelets grated on him.

What had happened to him?

He tugged her back before she could open the door, intending to take a moment more to gather his cool. But when he looked at her, she had that lip thing going again and all thought and reason abandoned him. Seeing her teeth sunk into her lush bottom lip that was now all moist and wet snapped something inside him. All of the desire he’d kept a tight lid on for months meshed with all of the emotion roiling in him and he lost it.

Taking hold of her shoulders, he leaned down and kissed her, sliding his tongue swiftly over her plump lip then sucking the sweetness of it into his mouth. Her heady lavender and spice scent mingled with womanly arousal filled his lungs and set his senses on fire.

Blood roared in his ears, rushing south to his swelling erection. He could smell, taste, and feel her on a level he’d never experience before in his life. It was all consuming. Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her hard against his burning need. She gasped in response and his tongue invaded deep, sweeping the softness of her mouth and tangling with her tongue.

She moaned, angling her neck back to take more of him and he stepped between her legs, riding his thigh to the V of her hot sex. Her breasts brushed his chest and he had to touch her, had to feel their ripe fullness. Taste her. Suck her. Eat her. Thrust into her until nothing but mindless pleasure ruled them both.

“Sam, please” she said, splaying her hand against his chest, breathing as heavily as he was.

That was all he needed to hear. She wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. He’d known it forever. So why in the hell hadn’t they banged it up big time, yet? He couldn’t seem to remember why and wasn’t the least bit interested in thinking right now. He backed her to the wall and shoved his hand up her soft shirt to even softer skin and cupped her lace covered breast. Her nipple hardened and he groaned deep, shoving his arousal hard against her.

Emerald pulled back then suddenly smacked her fist into his chest.

He blinked at her, trying to see through his desire hazed vision. “Em?”

“I said please stop, you gack. Not please more.” She pushed at him again and he loosened his hold, surprised to find his hand palming her breast. Reluctantly, he slid his hand from her shirt and eased back from her, finally seeing clearly enough to realize they weren’t even in private.

Considering one could practically spit from one side of the town to the other, life in Twilight was like trying to lose oneself in a fishbowl. Anybody looking from the street or the parking lot would have seen them at least kissing, if not the full details of the kiss. And anyone exiting the sheriff’s station would have gotten an eyeful. Damn where in the hell was his mind?

“I canna believe you kissed me like that. After all this fooking time you up and kiss me now?” She glared at him, chest heaving with ire.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what happened. I shouldn’t have—”

“Yes, you bloody well should have. But you should have kissed me months ago when it would have been you kissing me.”

Stay tuned for more surprises!
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Hot and New!

First the HOT!
You don't want to miss this.

HQN Books, FEB 1, 2009

The war is finally over. But Wren's life is in tatters. The only living offspring of the notorious Drakken Warlord, her genes could very well start a new dynasty of terror. And the Coalition can't have that.
She alone holds the key to finding a legendary treasure. Having seen enough bloodshed, shy, petite Wren vows to destroy it before anyone, Drakken, Coalition or Earth, can get their hands on it - but she'll need help.
The Drakken's ruthless evil turned Aral toward the Coalition years ago. War is all he knows, until he finds passion and love in the most unlikely of women - the Warlord's Daughter. But will trusting each other with their secrets risk not only their hearts, but their lives?

RITA award winner and NY Times best-selling author Susan Grant loves writing about what she knows: flying, adventure, and the often unpredictable interaction between men and women! When she’s not writing science fiction-romances, Susan pilots 747 jumbo jets to China, Australia, Europe, and many other exotic overseas destinations where she finds plenty of material for her novels.


"It was SO good. It was wonderful to watch Wren's growth from an uncertain scared young lady into a determined heroine strong enough to be a battlelord hero's woman."-- Kathy's Review Corner

"Grant’s forte is her superbly-drawn and well-developed characters. Her heroes are just the most gorgeously-drawn and sensitive men." --JaceScribbles


What if you had the connections and the creativity to mix the fantasy world you have created in a book with the rich sound and music to make that world even richer? Reading the book and hearing the music the author wrote to bring that world alive? Kevin J. Anderson has done it in his upcoming release

The Edge of the World!Terra Incognita - the blank spaces on the map, past the edge of the world, marked only by the words "here be monsters."

Two nations at war, fighting for dominion over the known, and undiscovered, world, pin their last hopes at ultimate victory on finding a land out of legend.

Each will send their ships to brave the untamed seas, wild storms, sea serpents, and darker dangers unknown to any man. It is a perilous undertaking, but there will always be the impetuous, the brave and the mad who are willing to leave their homes to explore the unknown.

Even unto the edge of the world...

Kevin J. Anderson's spectacular fantasy debut is a sweeping tale of adventure on the high seas, as two warring kingdoms vie for the greatest treasure of them all You absolutely must check out this new publishing sensation and read about his musical masterpiece that will be released with the book due out in June!
Check out his myspace page and blog for the great cover and the latest details.