Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Movies and Nightime

Recently, despite the crazy deadlines that I have had, I watched two movies. Well, actually I saw one movie, The Phantom of the Opera for the fourth time and saw Bridget Jones Diary Part Two for the first time and somehow, even though I have a multitude of characters already running through my head as I work on three different books in different stages of production, I find myself, reliving moments of the movies. Almost as if I'd lived them as that character and had really experienced exactly what that character had. Their memory seems to be mine. No it is not my Gerard Butler obsession taking over and LOL, I am not crazy or delusional, but as I'm sitting here revising scenes in a book, I decided that a mark of a great story, or the talent of a good actor or writer is the ability to enable the watcher or the reader to believe they are that character and they don't want to stop being that character when the movie or the book is over. The reader or the watcher wants that story reality to continue. This isn't a eureka revelation, just a musing over why somethings get stuck in our heads.
Well, I'm back to my current manuscript, to try and weave some of that, I don't want it to end magic into my story.
I'll be back for more soon
Hot Dreams and sweet musnings
Jennifer St. Giles


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