Thursday, May 19, 2005

All around the world.

Tonight, I am just musing over how much we have in common with people all over the world now that we have mavels like computers, the internet, satellites, and all those little things that we share with so many around the world. And as a writer, I am discovering another thing to add to this list of things growing the world into a community. Romance. Everywhere I go, I meet people who love romance! Love, no matter what the language, captures the heart and shares it with everyone. If you happen upon my site, don't be shy. Say hello! And tell me why you love romance!


Blogger TJBrown said...

Why do I love romance? I think because you have hit the nail on the head. It is a universal experience as old as creation itself.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Jennifer St. Giles said...

Thanks TJ. You managed to sum my thoughts up in one sentence. Love:Universal experience since creation! Love it.
Looking at my post you can see why it takes my 400 pages to tell a love story.

5:24 PM  

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