Wednesday, August 16, 2006

End Your Summer With A Blast!!!!!

Waving Hello from the Rabbit Hole that I have once again fallen into. I keep telling myself that I'm not going to fall beneath the killer jaws of a book due and few pages written, but no matter how hard I try to avoid that shark, it nabs me every time. Life doesn't just intrude, it consumes. The problem with being a writer is that nobody thinks you have a REAL job...but enough of that rant. I've a treat for you!

If you haven't had a chance to read Susan Grant before then now is the time. This Amazing woman (Author and Airline Pilot) takes both life and stories by the horns and makes them dance to her fabulous tune.
(HQN Books, July 25, 2006)

Think the grocery store is a great place to meet men? Hunky interstellar fugitive, aisle 5.

With outrageously false accusations piling up against her famous political family and an ex-fiancé in hot water determined to take her down with him, the last thing Jana Jasper needs is more trouble--especially man trouble. But when she heads to the grocery store for an ice cream fix, not only does the muscled hunk in the frozen foods section ranting about spaceships and invasions look crazy, he looks... familiar.

Cavin of Far Star has never forgotten the girl he met during his weeks spent on that quaint little world, planet Earth, the girl who didn't believe he was real. And now he'll risk his future to save her. All she has to do is take him to her leader. Simple enough plan--although Jana isn't so easily convinced. Hell-bent on charming his way past her defenses, he's determined to stay one step ahead of the galaxy's most feared assassin--and may just capture his favorite Earthling's heart in the process.
Read a kickass Excerpt at:

One of the first women in history to attend the US Air Force Academy, a former Air Force instructor pilot, and currently a 747 jumbo jet pilot for United Airlines, New York Times best-seller and RITA winner Susan Grant loves writing about what she knows -- flying, adventure, and the delicious interaction between men and women.

" of the best books of the year!" - Mary Janice Davidson, New York Times bestselling author
“...a cute, quirky otherworldly romance that’s totally delightful to read!” -- Tanzey Cutter
“Veers uncomfortably close to our actual plans to invade your pitiful little planet. Pull this book from the shelves immediately or I shall have it vaporized!” -- General Neppal, Supreme Commander of the Coalition fleet

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AND Make sure you've caught all of hot summer reads I've sent your way, from California Demon by Julie Kenner, What? No Roses by Marianne Mancusi to Shadow of the Moon by Rebecca York.

Talk Again Soon Luv ya!
Jennifer St. Giles


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