Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shift-appeal, Sex-appeal! Why do we love hunky beasts?

The idea of being more than mere mortal has been with man since the beginning of recorded history. Our fascination with the paranormal has its seeds in the ancient tales of gods and goddesses and superbeings and is woven again and again into the fabric of our culture through story. So what draws man to the idea of being more? Sometimes I think part of the allure is an excuse to give reason to evil behavioror an excuse to give free reign to all aspects of a base nature. Because, after all, it isn't the man killing, it is the beast within the man doing the dirty deed. No one likes to think or admit that man can and is capable of such atrocities. And is the beast is driving the needs beyond a man's control, then the man is blameless for the deeds. But mostly, and especially in paranormal romance, I think the draw to being more than our mortal-selves stems from the desire to transcend our own skin and fallible nature in order to accomplish a goal greater than our humanity will permit.

Enter our shapeshifting hunky heroes with unforgettable sex-appeal.

A being that is part beast must have more strength of body and more heroic determination in his soul to overcome not only human nature, but also animal nature to battle evil and attain love. And how much more gentleness is required for so great a being to so loving a partner? The shapeshifting hero makes the perfect tortured soul to grip a reader's heart and take that reader on a journey into the realm of miracles and change. He gives hope that no matter how bad things seem, that no matter how dire circumstances are, evil will be defeated and good things will come.

At least, I find those elements at the heart of all of my Shadowmen Shapeshifter stories and most of the other paranormal romances I read. When you boil away all of those entertaining and enjoyable aspects of romance what is left of the story, but the universal quest to see good triumph over evil, to see love bring salvation and fill all hearts to overflowing, to know that no matter what may come everything will eventually be good. I invite you to check out my Shadowmen, shapeshifting warriors from the spirit world who battle against the darkness in the world and within their own beings. Touch a Dark Wolf and Lure of the Wolf are on the shelves. So check them out and be ready for the next to explosive books in the series ---Kiss of Darkness coming March 31, and Bride of the Wolf out April 28th. And tell all of your friends to make a shapeshifter sensation in the publishing market be reading and demanding more stories about hunky beasts!!

What about you readers and writers out there when you boil things down to the nitty-gritty, why do you love shape-shifting, sexy, beasts?

happy reading

jennifer st giles


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