Monday, January 14, 2008

Wildfires and what love has to do with them.

This blog will likely be rough because I'm having one of those days where I write a sentence and then go back and write it ten more times because each version isn't as clear and concise as I wish it to be. So my apologies beforehand.

I've been around the romance writing industry for a number of years and I've seen a great many wildfires sweep devestatingly across the genre and its authors. There have been various reasons for these fires. Sometimes the fire isn't necessarily started on purpose by a person, but by accident or a misquided attempt to do the right thing that gets grossly misunderstood. I've seen fires ignited by careless words or actions. Fires started byimproperly aired passionate opinions which then send out sparks to light more fires.
Then there are the fires that start because someone made a serious mistake, such as using the words of another author improperly. In each instant, whatever the cause, this deadly fire takes hold just like one does on dry parched land and soon the world is ablaze, much like the devesation California had to recently face. It's sad and true, but I ask you just how necessary these wildfires really are?

We are all imperfect and we live in an imperfect world. Fires happen. It is unavoidable, but let me ask you this. What would this world be if everyone who encountered a fire chose to feed that fire rather than douse it quickly and quietly? It is a very scary thought, true., but it is exactly what happens with burning words and fiery tongues. They escalate and feed the fires, rather than help a situation and then the witch hunt phenomena takes over, and they sit back wanting to see someone burn.

I ask you, don't we all have a responsibility to throw cooling water on a fire and simply bring it to the attention of those who need to know, rather than spread the fire to the world?

So where does love fit into these wildfires that happen. Besides the fact that as romance writers we are the voice of love, we need to be the responsible party who spreads the cooling water of love and compassion. Fires happen, but they should never become wildfires.

Now that I've had my convulted say on the current wildfire surrounding author Cassie Edwards, I'd like to share with you a fire of a whole different nature.

One hot author and her new book you need to check out.
ISBN: 978-0061231032
HarperCollins Avon
January 8, 2008
Bad boys are her weakness and no one is as wicked as Connor Bruce…
He is the realization of every woman’s erotic fantasies. Existing in the Twilight between sleep and consciousness, Connor brings them decadent pleasures, fueled by their sexual energy. But violence and strife now tear apart both worlds, and Connor must embark on a perilous quest into the mortal realm … and into the arms of one intoxicating enchantress.
Stacey Daniels has always been attracted to the wrong type of men – and the muscular, Viking-like champion on her front doorstep is no exception. She can hardly believe the wounded warrior is from another world, a world where erotic dreams are needed to survive, a world of terrible danger that has followed him to her home. Connor finds solace in her passion, but only time will tell if he can defeat the dark foe who hunts them … and if Stacey can surrender to the promise he offers with every electrifying touch.



SYLVIA DAY is the national bestselling, award-winning author of over a dozen novels. A wife and mother of two, she is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence. Her books have been called “wonderful and passionate” by, “wickedly entertaining” by Booklist, and frequently garner Readers’ Choice and Reviewers’ Choice accolades. She’s been honored with both the EPPIE award and a finalist nod for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® Award of Excellence.

“I highly recommend this book especially to readers who love fantasy romance.”– Paranormal Romance Writers
“Sylvia Day’s Guardians are deliciously spicy, especially the intensely sexual Connor. Love the paranormal world! Love the characters! Love the sizzling romance! Love Heat of the Night! Love Sylvia Day!”– Annmarie, Joyfully Reviewed
“Heat Of The Night is not only a love story, it’s also an extremely adventurous tale of good versus evil. I couldn’t stop reading, waiting to see what would happen. In this story, there were characters from the first book as well as new characters, both evil and good. The adventure and love story combine, woven together by a wonderful plot. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in Ms. Day’s marvelous series.”– Marcy Arbitman, The Romance Studio
“Day’s second installment in her Dream Guardian series starts off with a bang! Her hot and steamy sex scenes will leave readers breathless and aching for more. The hero and heroine are believable and well written, and the hero is rugged and definitely dreamy. With characters from the first book added in, as well as a mixture of new faces, plus dashes of paranormal elements, Day has a winning recipe.”– Janean Sparks, RT BOOKreviews


Talk soon and happy midnight musing
Jennifer St. Giles


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