Monday, March 16, 2009


Fresh Fiction Review is in and it Rocks! Just to let you know I will be doing an online paranormal workshop at Romance Divas March 20-21st at
Now back to Kiss of Darkness.
There's a battle brewing in Twilight, Tennessee, with Emerald Linton and Sam Sheridan caught in the center of a clash of epic evil. Emerald has been running from the evil that had her fleeing Ireland with her young daughter years earlier. William Wellbourne is determined to have his revenge on Emerald for killing his brother. Sam is dealing with the aftereffects of his imprisonment and torture at the hands of Vasquez resulting in Sam being bitten by the vampire. It takes all of Emerald's magic to keep at bay the evil creeping into Sam's soul, while at the same time keeping the protection around Haven.
Emerald, Sam and their small band of rebels are determined to save their town from the evil converging on Twilight. Cinatas and Wellbourne are gathering their forces to attack, and when one nearest to Emerald becomes a pawn in the battle, it will take all that they have, and the support of their friends, to defeat the monsters and save not only themselves, but the town.
KISS OF DARKNESS by Jennifer St. Giles is a fantastically written paranormal thriller, fraught with danger and thrills from page one. Ms. St. Giles has a gift for building the tension in her stories, and her gift is evident throughout this one. Emerald and Sam are beautifully written characters, struggling to make something of their attraction while up against evil forces threatening their very existence. Their relationship is sensual and captivating in its intensity. This latest installment in the Shadowmen series is the best, and I eagerly await the next installment.

Paula Myers Fresh Fiction 3/16/09
More to Come. Only 15 days until Kiss of Darkness is out!


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