Monday, May 23, 2005

Did you miss something great?

Don't worry. People's Magazine did, too. But its not too late! And Brianna from Indiana let them know just that. You can read her letter in the mail-bag of the May 30th issue. So you ask, What did they miss? What did you miss?
I'll tell you shortly. First I have something else on my mind.
It's not quite midnight and I'm already here. Sometimes miracles do happen. Just like sometimes all of the cosmic energy and creative juices of the universe flows together and something great is made. That happened this past year in one particular film. The Phantom of the Opera The Movie. This film has it all, dark hero(Gerard Butler), light hero(Patrick Wilson), beautiful heroine(Emmy Rossom) romance, danger, emotion so deep you couldn't face it without embracing it. AND, it is the sexiest, most seductive movie I have ever seen and I write romance! But as I told someone who questioned my statement, you don't have to be overstated to be well-stated. So I encourage all of those who haven't seen it to buy the DVD and watch it. Trust me. You'll want to own it.
Now you may ask, why would I spend my precious time singing the praises of something that I didn't write. Because I think all great things need to be recognized and so often in todays world are missed. The Phantom of the Opera is a beautiful and unique love story that I'll save the dynamics of for another post. And one of the things that made it great was the one person People's Magazine missed in their Fifty Most Beautiful Issue.
They missed the Phantom, Gerard Butler. How any woman can listen to Music of the Night and not see the beauty of the phantom and the man is beyond me. And Brianna let People's Magazine know. So Kudos to you Brianna. And congrats at seeing something you wrote in print. It's a very cool feeling that never goes away.
I want to also mention that People's Magazine also missed Gerard's costars, Patrick and Emmy. Their beauty, talent, and performance was incomporable.
But it's not too late!
Jennifer St. Giles


Blogger Jolie Mathis said...


Here here! Phantom is a fabulous movie. I've seen the stage performance and been blown away, but Gerard's musical performance seemed so ... EMOTIONAL. From the depths of his soul. Okay, okay. I admit to being a bit enamored by Mr. Butler, lol.

Thanks for discussing it in your blog!

9:23 AM  

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