Thursday, August 04, 2005


Looking for some sensual chick-lit! Lucy Monroe has a tale for you! In Star Quality, a story in Moon Magnetism, Ivy Kendall has a magnetic personality, literally. She's a walking electronic disaster about to totally disrupt Blake Hawthorne's, a electronic guru's life.!! And that is just to the beginning of the problems!! Go for hot! Go for fun! Go for Lucy!
“Moon Magnetism” featured in STAR QUALITY by Lucy Monroe
(Kensington Brava, May 2005)
Ivy Kendall dreads the full moon. For generations, women in her family have been extremely magnetic on that day—which was fine fifty years ago but not in the age of hard drives and cell phones. That’s why the hotel manager has resisted the technological improvements her boss wants her to implement. Now, the sexy, dynamic Blake Hawthorne is coming to insist on the upgrades in person. Shoot, he’ll probably fire her. Being around Blake makes her body go as haywire as a full moon, maybe even more. And as long as she’s going to be out of a job soon, there’s no reason not to use a little of that magnetism to her advantage, luring him into an elevator where the only electricity that will work is the kind they generate themselves…

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Jennifer St. Giles


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