Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well, LOL. I know exactly how Adam felt in Click when the world became a nightmare of speeding through time. Since my last blog in AUGUST! ( Can I even freaking believe that it was that long ago? It seems as if it was just yesterday that Touch A Dark Wolf hit the shelves.) Well, as I was saying, since my last blog, I've (1)written the sequel to Touch A Dark Wolf.--Be on the lookout for THE LURE OF THE WOLF coming in JULY of 2007--(2)Moved from the house we'd lived in for almost eighteen years. And (3) Had major sugery to remove a tumor from my pituatary gland. Yeah, that's located just below your optic nerve inside your head. A very scary thing to face, but I am glad to say that all is now well and I am on the mend.
Unfortunately, I feel as if I have missed bits and peices of some of the most important things over the past year as I have dealt with deadlines and illness. One of them would fall into the category of keeping in-touch with my readers!
Many authors find the time and the energy to Blog everyday and I so envy them. I'm sort of the quiet type, so blogging everyday or even once a week seems almost too daunting a task to take on. (Yes, you have my permission to laugh. I can write a 400 page book with less angst that I have with the Blog.)
Anyway, I am fastforwarding to (Click) My Newest Release. DARKEST DREAMS (A FOUR AND A HALF STAR TOP PICK FROM THE RT Book Club) hits the shelves on DEC 5th. Though I hear rumors that people are already buying it in the store now.
This is the sensual sequel to MIDNIGHT SECRETS where Andromeda Andrews meets her match in Alexander Killdaren.

Here's a excerpt of the story below.! I hope all of you will take the time to enjoy my paranormal story set in the Victorian era.

Darkest Dreams
The seductive tone of his voice went straight to my head with dizzying force. I wasn’t sure how I navigated my way across the deck.
Suddenly, before we had quite reached her, the mare reared up again and broke free of her handlers, charging right at us.
“Damn,” Lord Alexander said as he scooped me up. In that moment, I saw into his mind as he jumped onto the bags of waiting rice. The image of a naked woman with blonde hair, bound in his bed flashed before my eyes. My breath caught then flew away with the vision as he deposited me out of harm’s way on the deck and grabbed one of the ropes trailing the mare. She instantly reared up, pawing the air, but he held on, tugging gently on the rope and whispering soothing words to the frightened animal. She pranced nervously in place before butting him with her head. When she appeared to be quieting, Lord Alexander grasped her halter, continuing to gentle her with his voice. I had no idea what he whispered in her ear, but I did know one thing.
The bound woman in his bed had been me.

Praise for St. Giles
Riveting.. sexually charged romance…RTBookclub
Engrossing…story ripples with tension…Publisher’s Weekly
Praise for Midnight Secrets…
“St. Giles intuitively senses how to lure readers into her story and into her characters’ lives. Simultaneously building suspense and passion, she brings the classic gothic to a new, sensual level without missing a step.
Let me here from you! And A Happy Belated Thankgiving to all!

Jennifer St. Giles


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