Monday, May 30, 2005

Real Heroes and Heroines

As this Memorial Day comes to a close with all of its busy activites, I wanted to take a moment to leave the world of fiction and its beloved story, which gives us so much, to write about those that give us even more--the men and women who serve our country within and without.

No matter what your political veiw, have the courage and the maturity to take your greviences to the government and give honor and glory to those upon which it is due.

The men and women who serve our country are the true heroes and heroines in life. They take the ideas of sacrifice, honor, freedom, courage, liberty, duty, and love beyond mere words on a page and live it every second of their lives with every fiber of their being.

No words can convey the gratitude we Americans should hold within the depths of our hearts for what these men and women do for our country; they give so that we live in the comforts and freedoms we do.
And no empathy or sorrow can cover the grievious loss of any one of them as they battle evils we here in so cushioned a life can barely fathom.
To pray for, respect, and thank them seems so little for so much, and yet those few honors are rarely placed at the feet of these men and women.

May God and all of everything he is be with you and your families, for you are the real heroes and heroines in life, and I know of no greater heartfelt wish to offer.
Thank You
Jennifer St. Giles
To Pam, Joel, Cristine, and JB Vanardo and their family, God be with you in your grief as we all remember Danny Varnardo and his service to his country and the selfless price he paid. May God Bless him and hold him in His arms forever.


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