Sunday, July 16, 2006


Okay. All right. Procrastination is not just my middle name, but my first and my last as well! It is July 15th already and I am just now making it to blogdom This month! But that just means more for you today!
Many family concerns have been eating up what little spare time I have with the double deadlines I am rushing to meet. So, yes, I do have an excuse or two, but doesn't everyone? Cutting to the matter at hand, I have to say that my first two Reviews for TOUCH A DARK WOLF are out and they sizzle on the page about Jared and Erin's steamy love. Many thanks to those who see the passion and believe in the magic! The book will be out August 29th!
Until then, let me introduce you to some more magic and passion with a witty twist!

WHAT, NO ROSES? by Marianne Mancusi
(Love Spell, July 4, 2006)
And you thought your Valentine's Day was bad?
Unless Dora Duncan can stop it, it's going to be another St. Valentine's Day Massacre. A year ago, her (now ex) boyfriend Nick stood her up at the worst possible moment. That was when she gave up important TV reporting for stories like "Too Stressed for Sex." And though such clips have a certain relevance, things have been a whole lot quieter. Too quiet. Until now.

Now she's gotta go back in time (don't ask!) and stop that very same Nick from messing up the time-space continuum. She has to travel back to a place where everybody speaks easy and cuts a rug-and this Chicago ain't no musical. Here, there are tommy guns and torpedoes, guys and dolls, gin joints, flappers, stoolies, rats and a whole lot more; and prohibition means anything but no.

It's the 1920s. Time for Dora to roar.

Read and Excerpt at:

When not out exposing scams and righting wrongs, Emmy award–winning TV news producer Marianne Mancusi is probably writing.
Her first chick lit novel, "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" was called "a sparkling debut" by Publisher's Weekly. And Romantic Times magazine awarded four Stars to her upcoming 1920s time travel "What, No Roses?", pronouncing it "fast, funny and as bubbly as bathtub champagne."
In addition, Marianne has six other adult and teen books under contract, including a teen comedy vampire series from Berkley called "Boys that Bite."
She lives in Boston's historic North End.
Mancusi’s witty, tongue-in-cheek remarks and sprightly dialogue make for a joy ride of a read with an ending that’s as surprising as it is original. 4 stars – Romantic Times

Ms. Mancusi’s sense of comedic and dramatic timing is dead on... She masterfully blends a time in our history with an idea from her incredible imagination. – Once Upon a Romance

Until I drag myself back again from outer reaches of procratination's black void, enjoy outoftheblogosphere!
Jennifer St. Giles