Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lure of Romance

I have often thought that when you boil all of life down to its basic element. To the one thing that drives us all. To the one thing that we want most of all. That single element is simply love. It is the greatest of all things, a truth that lures our hearts to romantic fiction time and time again. We as readers and writers of romance, renew that truth with every journey of love we read. From the first seeds of caring to the full bloom of passion and devotion, we keep the story of love alive in us and in the world. So as I sit before my computer this morning after one of the hardest weeks of my life, wondering why I do what I do, knowing that life could be so much easier, and maybe even more profitable were I to seek out a nine to five job, I remind myself of this truth. With each book, I write the story of love, its magic, its ability to heal all hurts, and to conquer all obstacles. I write about love because it matters. It becomes the greatest thing for my chracters, which gives heart to their journey, and passion and meaning to their lives. I sincerely hope that readers will give Emerald and Sam from Kiss of Darkess (4/09) a chance to share their love with you and that you'll in turn share this message and their story with others. Then the same with Marissa and Navarre in Bride of the Wolf coming 5/09 In this struggling economy, the one clear message that all readers can give to booksellers and publishers is that romance matters and the way to do that is to buy and demand romance more than ever. For you see, despite such things as facts and numbers, when stores and publishers look at where to make cuts, they'll look to romance often, simply because in their minds...romance isn't important literature.
Much Love in this New Year
Jennifer St. Giles