Monday, February 26, 2007


How many fantastic movies would you miss if you waited until after the Oscars were handed out and then only saw the films that won? Does winning an Oscar make a film great? Does not having one make a movie bad? And how many times have you been frustrated that a movie you loved wasn't even recognized by the Oscars?
Do some of these questions sound ridiculous to you?
Why is then that people will only read a book or try a new author if they are on a Bestseller's list? There are so many fabulous stories and authors that get missed because of such a narrow perspective. So the next time you run across someone who'll only read the latest Ophra pick or what's top ten on the list, ask them those questions and see if you can't open their world up to the wealth of story gems sitting on an ordinary bookself, because more often than not there are winners there, too!
Well, enough ranting from me today.
I've a couple of winners to share with you.
MY FAVORITE EARTHLING. SUSAN GRANT's Newest and Hottest yet book has just hit the shelves. If you've never read any of this amazing woman's (she is an ex-military pilot and current commercial airline pilot) you're in for a real treat. Go to and read an excerpt.

BLOOD SECRETS by Vivi Anna a Silhouette Nocturne
A young human woman is found ritualistically murdered in a downtown Necropolis hotel. It is up to Caine Valorian, a 200-year-old vampire, and his Otherworld Crime Unit to solve the unusual crime, and quickly before the human press can jump onto the story and cause a panic. To add to their already tough case, a new member, Eve Grant, transfers to their lab at the request of the mayor. Not only is she green and eager to impress the boss, but she's human. The first human ever to work in an Otherworld unit. The mayor thought it would be great press especially now with the strange human murder. Caine has his work cut out for him, especially with his unruly team who don't appreciate any help from a human. Not only is this the toughest case of his career, but he's unusually attracted to the new girl, which can only cause trouble for them all. However, as they sink deeper and deeper into the workings of the case, Caine and Eve become closer and closer. So close that neither of them can see past each other and at the real happenings behind the scenes. The more they poke and prod at the case, the more they realize that something is going on, that this murder is only one step toward a greater purpose. Someone in the Otherworld community is calling on dark forces, in a plot to wipe out the entire human population. Excerpt: and

MOON AWAKENING by Lucy Monroe Berkley Sensation
An enthralling new romantic tale that pushes the boundaries between love and hate, passion and pain-and man and beast... When Emily Hamilton's family is ordered to send a woman to the Scottish highlands for marriage to the laird of the Sinclair, Emily volunteers in order to save her younger sister from such a fate. But at her new home, the only friend she finds is the laird's sister-especially after Emily's stubborn streak causes the laird to cancel the marriage. And though her plans have gone awry, she refuses to return home...Lachlan Balmoral is laird of his clan-and leader of his pack. One of the most feared werewolves prowling the Highlands, he is on the march against the hated Sinclair, who have abducted a Balmoral woman. He kidnaps the sister of the Sinclair laird, planning to marry her off in revenge-but the woman he takes along with her proves to be the greater prize...For Emily feeds a desire he has never known existed. And though Lachlan would not think of touching his enemy's betrothed, he must know how a mere woman could tame his heart so easily.

NIGHT RISING by Chris Marie Green Ace, February 6, 2007 0-441-01467-4
Welcome to Hollywood—after dark…
Stuntwoman Dawn Madison is a girl with attitude—and a lot of issues, mostly about living up to the legacy of her mother, a world famous movie star whose untimely death left Dawn to be raised by her dad Frank, nobody’s notion of single-father-of-the-year. Now that she’s grown up, she and Frank aren’t on the best of terms, to say the least.
Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting—caught on film—of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him. Working with his colleagues—a psychic short in stature but big in dreams, a beautiful Latina techno-geek, and the P. I. firm’s never-seen boss—she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on screen.
They are devious. They are deadly. And some of them are dangerously attractive…

Enjoy the fun until next time I rise up from my deep deadline rabbit hole
Jennifer St. Giles

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I have some great news! Darkest Dreams, my December 2006 Release from Berskley Senations is a finalist in the Romantic Times Bookclub Reviewer's Choice Awards for Best Historical Romantic/Mystery Gothic of 2006!
Silken Shadows, the sequel to it is currently pouring onto the page! Gemini's story will be my sexiest yet.
Now for two fantastic reads to heat up your winter!
To warm your heart check out:
Luna February 1, 2007
Fans of Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey will appreciate the novel's honorable protagonists and their lively animal companions.
The Story:
If horses could fly...
Then Calli Torcher might ride again. But a devastating accident left her in such pain, she thought the chimes and chanting in her ears were a hallucination...until she found herself transported to another world, and met the Lladranans who had Summoned her.
Lladrana was a parallel, magical earth filled with exotic creatures, noble humans and magic– all threatened by an encroaching evil.
And when the might volarans stopped obeying the Chevaliers, the flying horses' unexpected rebellion had thrown Lladrana into an uproar. In desperation, the sorcerers had sought help from afar - and gotten Calli. If she could fulfill this mission perhaps she would also finally find all she had longed for – a mate, a home, a family. But against this great darkness she had no battle experience, no strategy plans. She had only a bond with horses...
Read more at:

Then to sizzle your body!
ISLAND HEAT by Susan Kearney
Tor Romance February 6, 2007
He dominated with an otherworldly seductive power . . .
What was happening to her? Former screen siren Shara Weston lived on an exotic and private South Pacific island as a recluse . . . until disturbingly masculine and utterly captivating Cade Archer fell out of the sky and into her life. Now, Cade gives her no choice but to follow him down a sensual path that fulfills her every desire.
Cade's on a mission to open a portal between Shara's island volcano and his world. But not everyone wants him to succeed. A powerful enemy has followed Cade to prevent him from sending the resources through the portal that will free his people.

While Cade's mission is as compelling as his dominating sensuality, Shara must find a way to fight him . . . to stop his mission because the fate of every man, woman and child on Earth is at stake.

Visit’s Susan’s website ( for an exclusive book trailer!!!

hugs to all